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Two significant spiritual and artistic legacies have cemented Levoča's place in history. Beaming over the town is the Church of Mariánska Hora, a hilltop Catholic pilgrimage site. Levoča is also where 'Master Paul', a renowned medieval sculptor, spent his most active years. It's an easy day trip from Poprad and a convenient stop en route to Spiš Castle.

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11-Day Tour of Slovakia from Bratislava

This tour is based on active traveling and the authentic experience of Slovakia. You will be in touch with locals and experience authentic spirit of Central Europe. This tour includes a great itinerary, comfortable traveling in a private car or minivan and high standard accommodation in hotels. You will visit rush streets of old Bratislava with memorials, inns and restaurants. You will stop in the mining towns of central Slovakia where you can experience the unique atmosphere of Central Europe. You will explore the UNESCO town of Banská Štiavnica. Here you can go inside real mines, visit an old castle, an anti-ottoman fortress or nearby noble hunting castle. In another small old town Kremnica you can admire the Gothic church and imposing town castle.On your way you will follow the Gothic route of Spiš region. Here you will visit Levoča old town (UNESCO) and Spiš Castle (UNESCO). You will spend the night in the historical hotel in Spišská Kapitula (UNESCO).During your travels you will experience the unique atmosphere of small towns, appreciate culinary specialties, local wines or beer from small breweries.You will visit the castle ruin of Stará Ľubovňa, the stunning Orava castle and romantic chateau of Bojnice. You will explore the spooky ruins of Čachtice castle. The former residence of the bloody countess Elizabeth Báthory. You will stop in traditional wooden villages and old UNESCO wooden churches that are hundreds of years old.You will visit three beautiful national parks. You will spend one day in the High Tatras, the smallest European high mountains. Here you can hike into deep valleys or enjoy the atmosphere of mountain cabins. You can stop in beautiful Belianska cave or take a cable car to the top of Lomnica Peak. Here you can enjoy a coffee in the Observatory (altitude 2634 m) and a beautiful view from Poland to Hungary. Any more active hikers can climb to the peaks with a mountain guide.In Pieniny National Park we will visit old Carthusian monastery and raft the river Dunajec under steep rocks. You will have lunch in a Polish spa city or hike in a national park. In a another National park Slovak Paradise we can hike up beautiful river gorges or visit unique Ice cave.Itinerary:DAY 1 Bratislava and vicinityDAY 2 Mining townsDAY 3 Central SlovakiaDAY 4 Jewels of Spiš regionDAY 5 East SlovakiaDAY 6 Pieniny National ParkDAY 7 Hight Tatras National ParkDAY 8 Slovak Paradise National ParkDAY 9 Orava castleDAY 10 Bloody Bathory dayDAY 11 Farewell