Top Choice Museum in Bratislava

Apponyi Palace

Rove through Bratislava's past and scale the Radnica Tower at this distinguished museum of local history and art. Housed in a 1761 building are reliquaries and saintly bones, religious art moodily lit in vaulted cha…
Top Choice Square in Bratislava

Hlavné Námestie

The nucleus for Bratislava's history, annual festivals and cheerful cafe culture is Hlavné nám (Main Sq). Roland Fountain, at the square's heart, is thought to have been built in 1572 as a public water supply. Flank…
Top Choice Church in Bratislava

Blue Church

The early-20th-century Church of St Elizabeth, known as the Blue Church, unites 50 shades of blue into an art nouveau delight. From the outside you can admire its powder-blue clock tower (36.8m), glinting sapphire-t…
Top Choice Castle in Bratislava

Bratislava Castle

Square, a brilliant shade of white and flanked by four stocky towers, bold Bratislava Castle looks as though it has been transplanted straight from a children's picturebook. The fortification's history dates to the …
Top Choice Church in Bratislava

St Martin's Cathedral

The crown at the top of St Martin's Cathedral is 300kg of real gold. By comparison, its interior is rather modest, though 19 royal coronations have been held within its 14th-century walls.
Museum in Bratislava

Slovak National Gallery

Tearing up the gallery rulebook, this engaging art space forgoes chronological displays for thematic presentation of art from medieval to modern, such as ‘Light and Dark’ and ‘Space and Illusion’. Dramatically lit, …
Bridge in Bratislava

Most SNP

The sci-fi stylings of 'UFO bridge' came at a heavy cost for Bratislava. Period mansions and an old synagogue were sacrificed for the construction of the highway and bridge in 1972, so the sight of this modernist ma…
Square in Bratislava

Hviezdoslavovo Námestie

At least once during your visit to Bratislava, you'll stroll along this tree-lined plaza, bypassing embassies, tourist-magnet bars and some of the city's grandest buildings. At Hviezdoslavovo's east end, the ornate …
Museum in Bratislava

Museum of Jewish Culture

This enriching museum unveils the lives of Bratislava's once-thriving Jewish community through photographs and objects from daily life, with a focus on the impressive Jewish architecture lost both during and after W…
Statue in Bratislava


Bratislava's most popular photo op is the Watcher, who peeps out from an imaginary manhole on Panská. Originally installed as a joke in 1997, the statue's popularity allowed him to stick around. He's variously inter…