Oranjestad restaurants

Top Choice Barbecue in Oranjestad


If at all possible, plan to be at Franky's between noon and 6pm on a Saturday, when half the island turns out for Statia's most popular barbecue. Lobster, ribs, chicken and freshly caught fish take center stage on t…
International in Oranjestad

Old Gin House Restaurant

Statia's best hotel is also home to its most refined restaurant. Dinner is a classy affair with options ranging from pork tenderloin and goat's cheese salad to rib-eye steak with potato gratin and grilled lobster wi…
Chinese in Oranjestad

Cool Corner

Painted in lavender and fuchsia-pink, with a honey-colored pine interior, Cool Corner is an island favorite. Char siu (barbecued pork), kung pao (hot garlic chicken), fish hot pot and salt-and-pepper shrimp compleme…
International in Oranjestad

Blue Bead Bar & Restaurant

A sprawling bright-blue deck makes an idyllic perch for dining on specialties including its nine varieties of pizza, from the Farmer (bacon and eggs) to Blue Bead (sweet peppers and olives). There's a good kids' men…
Cafe in Oranjestad

Para Mira

An adorable cream-painted, turquoise-trimmed wooden cottage houses this traditional Dutch lunchroom. Croquettes, sandwiches such as ham and Gouda, tomato and onion, or curried egg, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, coffee …
International in Oranjestad

Ocean View Terrace

Politicians from the adjacent government building fill this central spot at lunchtime but it's also a handy rest stop after a sightseeing spin around Fort Oranje. Sit on the small terrace overlooking the fort or in …
Street Food in Oranjestad

Mobilee Delicious

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays through to Saturdays, this food truck parks up on Fort Oranje Straat; on Wednesdays and Sundays, look out for it cruising around town (or listen out for its jingle). Ice cream flav…
Burgers in Oranjestad

Super Burger

Owner Skell offers a total of 43 burger choices, spanning beef, turkey, chicken, fish and veggie varieties. Other dishes include buffalo wings, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, and sandwiches such as ham and tomato, c…
Supermarket in Oranjestad

Duggins Supermarket

Duggins is Statia's largest supermarket.