Statia's looming dormant volcano, the Quill (derived from the Dutch word kuil, meaning pit or hole) soars 601m high. Designated a national park in 1998, it's the island's most popular hiking destination. From the trailhead at the end of Rosemarylaan in Oranjestad, it takes about 45 minutes to ascend the moderately steep but densely canopied trail to the crater rim.

Pay hiker fees in advance at the tourist office or St Eustatius National Parks Foundation (Stenapa).

The volcano last erupted in AD 400. There's a viewpoint down into the junglelike crater, which lies 273m above sea level, but for close-ups you need to continue down a sheer, slippery 500m-long trail to the bottom; ropes and ladders help you make the descent. En route you'll pass through four vegetation zones, including a small elfin forest. Look out for rare fauna including the Antillean iguana, the (harmless) red-bellied racer snake, found only on Statia and Saba, and the bridled quail dove. Make sure you bring plenty of water. A cab ride to the trailhead from the airport is US$10, from town US$8.

Altogether there's a network of 10 trails but some are very rough and steep and should not be attempted without a guide; you can arrange one with Stenapa.