Top Choice Art in Chinatown & the CBD

Utterly Art

Climb the stairs to this tiny, welcoming gallery for works by contemporary Singaporean, Filipino and, on occasion, Cambodian artists. While painting is the gallery's focus, exhibitions dabble in sculpture and cerami…
Department Store in Chinatown & the CBD

Yue Hwa Chinese Products

With a deco facade paging Shanghai, this multi-level department store specialises in all things Chinese. Downstairs you'll find medicine and herbs, clothes and cushions. Head up the escalator for silks, food and tea…
Arts & Crafts in Chinatown & the CBD

Zhen Lacquer Gallery

Generally kitsch but sometimes stylish, selling shiny lacquered hand-painted jewellery boxes, placemats, utensils, plates and photo albums.
Antiques in Chinatown & the CBD

Yong Gallery

The owner is a calligrapher, and much of his artwork is on sale. You'll also find jewellery, genuine jade products and antiques, as well as more affordable gifts like decorative bookmarks, Chinese fans and clocks. T…
Books in Chinatown & the CBD


Arguably Singapore's coolest bookshop, BooksActually has a refreshing selection of fiction and nonfiction titles, including works by Singaporean authors, and no shortage of beautiful tomes spanning art, architecture…
Antiques in Chinatown & the CBD

East Inspirations

East Inspirations is jam-packed with antique figurines, trinkets and some furniture. Look out for the beautifully embroidered Chinese Manchu wedding shoes .
Mall in Chinatown & the CBD

People’s Park Centre

This lively 1970's mall has four levels of luggage shops, travel agents and budget fashion boutiques selling loud Chinese shirts.
Chinese Medicine in Chinatown & the CBD

Eu Yan Sang

Get your qi back in order at Singapore's most famous and user-friendly Chinese-medicine store. Pick up some Monkey Bezoar powder to relieve excess phlegm, or Liu Jun Zi pills to dispel dampness. You'll find herbal t…
Antiques in Chinatown & the CBD

Tong Mern Sern Antiques

An Aladdin’s cave of dusty furniture, books, records, wood carvings, porcelain and other bits and bobs (we even found an old cash register), Tong Mern Sern is a curious hunting ground for Singapore nostalgia. A bann…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Chinatown & the CBD

Nam’s Supplies

The curious paper objects on sale around Chinatown – from miniature cars to computers – are offerings burned at funeral wakes to ensure the material wealth of the dead. Veteran Nam's Supplies has been peddling such …