Lagnaa Barefoot Dining

Top choice indian

in Little India & Kampong Glam

You can choose your level of spice at friendly Lagnaa: level three denotes standard spiciness, level four significant spiciness, and anything above admirable bravery. Whatever you opt for, you're in for finger-licking-good homestyle cooking from both ends of Mother India, devoured at Western seating downstairs or on floor cushions upstairs. If you're indecisive, order chef Kaesavan's famous Threadfin fish curry.

Those who eat a level-three dish without the aid of yoghurt-based drinks or dishes get their own peg on Lagnaa's string of chilli fame. Devour a level-six dish and expect an invitation to Lagnaa's monthly Full Moon Chilli Challenge. Survive that and the meal is on the house. Cash only for bills under S$30.