Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle

Top choice hawker in Chinatown & the CBD

Image by Ria de Jong Lonely Planet

With its newly bestowed Michelin star, this humble hawker stall has been thrust into the culinary spotlight. The line forms hours before Mr Chan Hon Meng opens for business, and waiting times can reach two hours. Standout dishes are the tender soy sauce chicken and the caramelised pork char siew ordered with rice or perfectly cooked noodles. Worth the wait? You bet.

Capitalising on the stall's success, hawker Chan Hon Meng has already opened outlets in Singapore as well as Indonesia, Taipei and Melbourne, plus a sold out three day pop up in London. The closest is just outside the Chinatown Complex on Smith St, look for the bright red and blue sign. Here you'll find a larger menu, higher prices (dishes S$3.80 to S$5) and more sterile environment – we say stick with the original.