Between its plethora of shops, Orchard Rd boasts almost as many places to satisfy your hunger. Take you pick from high-end culinary heavyweights, international chain restaurants and bustling indoor hawker food courts. Everyone's taste and budget is catered for.

Food Court Favourites

Burrow into the basement of most malls on Orchard Rd and you'll find a food court with stall upon stall selling cheap, freshly cooked dishes from all over the world. These are the best two stalls:

Takashimaya Food Village Slick, sprawling and heavenly scented, Takashimaya's basement food hall serves up a Who's Who of Japanese, Korean and other Asian culinary classics. Look out for soon kueh (steamed dumplings stuffed with bamboo shoots, bangkwang (dried mushroom, carrot and dried prawn), and don't miss a fragrant bowl of noodles from the Tsuru-koshi stand.

Food Republic OK, so this one is not actually in the basement, but the formula remains the same – lip-smacking food, a plethora of choices and democratic prices. Food Republic offers traditional hawker classics, as well as Korean, Japanese, Indian, Thai and Indonesian. Muck in with the rest of the crowd for seats before joining the longest queues. Roving 'aunties' push around trolleys filled with drinks and dim sum.