Sierra Leone in detail

Sierra Leone is known for


River No 2 Dazzling white sand, calm, clear water and trips upstream to a hidden waterfall, spotting birds and crocodiles along the way.

Bureh Beach A sweeping golden bay and the best place in the country to try your hand at surfing.

Turtle Islands Unspoilt, remote, and humming with the rhythm of traditional island life, these are the stuff castaway dreams are made of.

John Obey Beach Experience village life at a community-run guesthouse set between sea and lagoon on a saffron bay.

Banana Islands The Banana Islands' beaches are the perfect jumping off point for snorkelling, diving and fishing adventures.


Bunce Island: The decaying remains of an old fort are a haunting reminder of the country's role in the brutal transatlantic trade.

York: Colorful Krio board houses and old colonial churches hint at the storied past of this charming village – settled in the early 1800s by freed enslaved people.

Bonthe: Formerly grand buildings lie slowly being consumed by nature in this sleepy seaside town, once a thriving anti-slavery port.

National Railway Museum: A fascinating collection of restored locomotives detailing the glory days of Sierra Leone's national railway.


Tiwai Island An unspoilt, forest-cloaked island thick with wildlife, including rare primates and the elusive pygmy hippo.

Outamba-Kilimi National Park Pristine savannah and jungle, bisected by hippo-filled rivers, bristling with birdlife and primates.

Mt Bintumani This soaring mountain offers multiday hikes with sprawling views of West African terrain as your reward.

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary A worthy conservation project where rescued chimps await their release into the wild.

Gola Rainforest National Park Hunt for shy forest elephant and trek through traditional Mende villages in this seldom visited patch of jungle.


Rogbonko Village Retreat A wonderful place to experience local life, sleeping in mud houses and taking part in village life.

Sierra Leone National Museum Excellent guided tours take you through a collection of historical and cultural artefacts.

Turtle Islands These beautiful islands are home to some of the most isolated and traditional communities in West Africa.

Freetown The city is dotted with tumbledown traditional wooden houses – a testament to its rich Krio heritage.