Arriving in Destination

Lungi International Airport is located across the Sierra Leone River from Freetown, and you'll need to get a speedboat or a ferry across the water to reach it.

Speedboats arranged through Sea Coach Express cost US$42 one-way and take around 30 minutes. The boats are well maintained, with life-jackets for all, as well as TV, wi-fi, and complimentary drinks. They run in coordination with the airport's flight schedule, and drop passengers off at Aberdeen Bridge, from where it's easy to find a taxi. Rival company Sea Bird Express provide a similar service at a similar price, dropping passengers off at High Broad St in Murray Town.

Travellers with little funds but plenty of time could try taking the ferry service (first/second class Le11,000/5,000) from Tagrin Ferry Terminal, a 15-minute taxi or okada ride from the airport. It takes around an hour and drops passengers off at the Kissy Ferry Terminal, in eastern Freetown. At the time of writing, only one of two ferries was operational, leaving Tagrin at 1pm daily, though this was subject to change.

If your flight arrives late at night, you might want to stay at Lungi Airport Hotel and cross over the water in the morning.