Museum in Freetown

Sierra Leone National Museum

The Sierra Leone National Museum has a small but fascinating collection of jujutrinkets and historical artefacts, including Temne Guerrilla leader Bai Bureh's drum, clothes and sword.
Museum in Freetown

National Railway Museum

Visitors to the National Railway Museum are rare, but the short tour around these restored engines and cars is fairly interesting. You don't have to be a rail fan to enjoy this Clinetown museum, where there's a sur…
Gardens in Freetown

Cotton Tree

Freetown's most famous landmark is the fat Cotton Tree in the centre of the old part of town. Nobody's sure if it can be quite that old, but some say the city's Black Poor settlers rested in its shadows when they la…
Historic Site in Freetown

King's Yard Gate

The ancestors of nearly all present-day Krios passed through King's Yard Gate, atop Tower Hill in the strategic military Martello Tower, built in 1805. Now the site of Connaught Hospital, this is where the British b…
Notable Building in Freetown

Law Courts

The ornate Law Courts have been beautifully restored following considerable war damage. Located immediately east of the Cotton Tree.
Beach in Freetown

Lumley Beach

With every patch of beachfront property purchased and many construction projects underway, it's not hard to imagine what Lumley Beach will look like in a few years, but for now development is pretty much limited to …
University in Freetown

Old Fourah Bay College

Gutted by fire in 1999, only the stone shell of the Old Fourah Bay College remains, but this 1848 building is graceful even in its decay. The World Monuments Fund lists it as one of the world's 100 most-endangered h…
Architecture in Freetown

Old Wharf Steps

The Old Wharf Steps, sometimes erroneously called the Portuguese Steps, lead up from Government Wharf. The stones were set in 1818. Many of the new arrivals brought here by the British to start a new life climbed th…
Church in Freetown

St George's Cathedral

St George's Cathedral was completed in 1828.
Church in Freetown

St John's Maroon Church

St John's Maroon Church is a squat white building with big windows built around 1820. An example of the area's Krio architecture, it was built by returned slaves from Jamaica. It's located two blocks southwest of th…