Sierra Leonean Leone

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$50

  • Simple room up-country: US$15
  • Rice and sauce lunch: US$2
  • Bottle of Star beer: US$1.20
  • Shared taxi ride: US$1.50

Midrange: US$50-100

  • Hotel room with fan: US$30
  • Sandwich in a cafe: US$7
  • Glass of wine: US$6
  • Private taxi hire, per hour: US$6

Top End: More than US$100

  • Hotel room with air-con and TV: US$100
  • Two-course meal in Freetown: US$25
  • Cocktail in Freetown beach bar: US$7
  • 4x4 hire, per day: US$150 plus petrol


As with most West African countries, bargaining is a way of life in Sierra Leone and most prices, from souvenirs in the marketplace to taxi fares, are negotiable.


There's an exchange bureau at Lungi International Airport with reasonable rates. There's also an ATM just outside the terminal building, which may or may not be working. Forex bureaus are found throughout the city, as are street-side moneychangers. If using the latter, make sure to check the rate (and your money) carefully, and find a secure spot to carry out the transaction.

Ecobank is located on Wilkinson Rd and Lightfoot Boston St. Other major banks, including UBA and Rokel Commercial Bank have Visa card–linked ATMs. There are several ATMs in central Freetown. Others can be found in Lumley and Murray Town.