Top things to do in Freetown Peninsula

Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Freetown Peninsula

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

In the dense rainforest of Western Area National Park, Sri Lankan founder Bala created Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a leafy, waterfall-framed hideaway set up with the purpose of rescuing and rehabilitating endange…
Top Choice Italian in Freetown Peninsula


Half an hour from Freetown is Sierra Leone foodie institution Franco's, sprawled on Sussex Beach (beside the lagoon). Run by an Italian–/Sierra Leonean couple, this place specialises in seafood and pasta, and is a f…
International in River No 2

Sankofa Complex

At the relaxed restaurant in the Sankofa Complex you can eat under thatch or on bright-red tables set out on the sand. Food includes lobster, shrimp, barracuda. It's Le20,000 to hire a table and chairs, regardless o…
Cafe in River No 2

Africa Point

Just across the river from the Sankofa Complex, Africa Point's wooden tables and sunloungers make a worthwhile alternative for lunch – with fresh fish and cold beer on the menu.
Landmark in York

Town Bell

Dating back to the days of the slave trade, the bell was reputedly used to alert people to important events or emergencies. It is used for the same purpose today.
Cemetery in York

York Cemetery

One of the oldest in the country, this cemetery is the final resting place of several former colonial masters.
Church in York

Brunswick Methodist Church

At 150-years old, this pretty stone structure is one of the country's oldest churches.
Monument in York

York Centenary

A stone monument commemorating the first centenary of York village.