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Top Choice Creole in West Coast

Del Place

This delightful spot weds cafe-cool to excellent cooking. The centrepiece is local seafood: octopus straight from the lagoon, baked red snapper in banana leaf, seafood platters and Creole curries, including the rare…
Top Choice Seafood in West Coast

Anse Soleil Café

Don't miss this unpretentious little eatery ideally positioned right on the beach. The menu has simply prepared seafood (such as grilled crab or seafood curry) and various chop sueys. It doesn't take reservations an…
Top Choice Cafeteria in West Coast

Maria's Rock Cafeteria

Now here's something different. Maria, the Seychellois spouse of artist Antonio Filippin, runs this quirky restaurant beside her husband's studio. The cavernous interior is discombobulating, with granite tabletops a…
Seafood in West Coast

Chez Batista's

The impressive thatched canopy, the sand floor and the endless turquoise bay that spreads out in front of you help you switch to 'relax' mode. And it's the location that outshines the food which is sometimes good, s…
International in West Coast

Anchor Café – Islander Restaurant

This family-run restaurant takes its cooking seriously. Its champion dishes include blackened fish, a range of Creole curries (including lobster curry), grilled red snapper, plus the obligatory catch of the day. A f…
Seafood in West Coast


Across the road from the beach (but no views to speak of), this modern eatery is an acceptable plan B with pasta, pizza, panini and some passable seafood grills. There's a Sunday buffet with live music, but service …
Art in West Coast

Michael Adams' Studio

Visit Michael Adams' studio, where silkscreen prints burst with the vivid life of the forests. They are irresistible and highly collectable, so bring plenty of rupees if you're thinking of buying. Even if you don't …
Art in West Coast

Tom Bowers

This British-born artist creates some truly amazing bronze sculptures and his works are increasingly being commissioned for public places, such as the Liberty Monument in Victoria.
Arts & Crafts in West Coast

Art Arc

Antonio Filippin's somewhat risqué woodcarvings and quirky studio, Art Arc, are perched on a hill between Anse Gouvernement and Anse Soleil.
Art in West Coast

Gerard Devoud's Studio

Gerard Devoud's eye-goggling paintings are sure to enliven your bedroom. His studio is at Valmer Resort, but opening hours can vary.