Top things to do in West Coast

Top Choice Creole in West Coast

Del Place

This delightful spot weds cafe-cool to excellent cooking. The centrepiece is local seafood: octopus straight from the lagoon, baked red snapper in banana leaf, seafood platters and Creole curries, including the rare…
Top Choice Seafood in West Coast

Oscars - The Bar & Grill

For fresh fish, grilled just the way it should be, Oscars is a terrific choice. There's grouper, sailfish, marlin and red snapper, but the best order is yellow-fin tuna seared, served rare and marinated in the house…
Top Choice Beach in West Coast

Anse Soleil

The idyllic little beach of Anse Soleil is a pocket-sized paradise. You can pause here for lunch – there's a beach restaurant – but beware, you may never want to leave. It's accessible via a secondary road (it's sig…
Top Choice Beach in West Coast

Anse Major

One of the most beautiful beaches on Mahé, Anse Major is only accessible on foot from Danzil – few visitors to Seychelles make it here. The setting is a match for any beach in the Seychelles, although swimming can b…
Top Choice Beach in West Coast

Anse Takamaka

The gently curving Anse Takamaka is a gorgeous strand for walking unfettered on white sand and gaping at sunsets. Facilities include Chez Batista's bar-restaurant.
Beach in West Coast

Petite Anse

This pristine curve of white sand is accessible via the Four Seasons Resort; wait at the gate and a buggy will take you down to the beach. Come late afternoon: as the sun lowers, the sky deepens to orange. This beac…
International in West Coast

Maria's Rock Cafeteria

Now here's something different. Maria, the Seychellois spouse of artist Antonio Filippin, runs this quirky restaurant beside her husband's studio. The cavernous interior is discombobulating, with granite tabletops a…
Art in West Coast

Michael Adams' Studio

Visit the studio of Michael Adams MBE, where silkscreen prints burst with the vivid life of the forests. They are irresistible and highly collectable, so bring plenty of rupees if you're thinking of buying. Even if …
Seafood in West Coast

La Gaulette Food Bar

Grilled tuna, seafood pasta, ginger prawns. A range of cocktails, ciders and juices. An absence of wi-fi and a beach across the road. Everyone's different, but this place ticks a whole lot of boxes for us when it co…
Beach in West Coast

Grande Anse

Grande Anse is an immense swath of sand that glimmers with a fierce but utterly enchanting beauty. No other beach provides the same opportunities for long, solitary walks. It's not suitable for swimming, though, due…