Victoria in detail

Getting Around

Victoria has a compact city centre that can be easily covered on foot. For nearby Eden Island, there's no public transport, but a taxi shouldn't cost more than Rs 150.

Car & Motorcycle

There's a petrol station south of town.

Parking in Victoria

Parking can be quite a headache in the town centre. Although locals are not averse to double parking in the most inconvenient places, look for the 'Pay Parking Zone' areas. From 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 1pm on Saturday, the fee for parking in one of these zones is Rs 5/10/15 per hour/half day/full day. Usually there's a fluorescent-vest-clad parking attendant somewhere nearby, but if you can't see one, ask a local to help you complete the formalities; tickets can sometimes be purchased from nearby stores.

There's also free parking southeast of Freedom Square (west of 5th June Ave), although you'll need to be patient for a spot to open up.

Practical Tip: A Handy Shortcut

If you're driving between Beau Vallon and the east coast and downtown Victoria is gridlocked with traffic, which it increasingly seems to be these days, there's a handy shortcut that can save you time. If travelling from Beau Vallon, turn right off Revolution Ave onto Bel Air Rd – the turn-off is just past Kaz Zanana (which is on your left coming from Beau Vallon). Follow Bel Air Rd until you pass Bel Air Hotel, then turn left onto Liberation Ave which twists and turns around the the side of the mountain until it comes to Mont Fleuri Rd – turn left and then right at the roundabout onto the East Coast Rd. It's just as easy to find if you're coming the other way and follow these directions in reverse – turn onto Mont Fleuri Rd at the roundabout, right onto Liberation Ave, right onto Bel Air Rd, then left onto Revolution Ave.