Victoria in detail


Accessible Travel

Victoria makes no concession for travellers with disabilities. Pavements, while generally OK, can be uneven, lifts are nonexistent at most 1st-floor restaurants and the accommodation is generally not equipped for people with wheelchairs.

Internet Access

Internet cafes come and go with monotonous regularity but wi-fi is now standard in most hotels.

LGBTIQ+ Travellers

There is no open gay or lesbian scene in Victoria. While the Seychellois are usually tolerant of gay and lesbian relationships, Victoria is generally more conservative than the beach resorts so displays of public affection while in town may elicit disapproving looks or comments.


You'll have no trouble finding banks with ATMs and exchange facilities as well as bureaux de change in the centre.

Barclays Bank Forex and an ATM.

Barclays Bank Changes cash and has two ATMs.


Tourist Information

Tourist Office Has a few brochures and decent maps of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

Travel with Children

Your children are far more likely to enjoy the beaches and other attractions of the Seychelles than Victoria itself. Keep an eye on them in the busy market, where it can be easy to get separated. Footpaths are generally narrow, and baby-changing facilities are nonexistent. The only real attraction that will appeal to kids in town is the Natural History Museum.