Victoria in detail


Victoria isn't known for its restaurants – it's better for quick snacks and fast food than sit-down restaurants. Marie-Antoinette and not-far-away Eden Island are notable exceptions.

Cheap Eats in Victoria

Although Victoria does have some appealing places for a sit-down meal, there's a real tradition here of buying cheap and cheerful takeaway meals in the market area and taking them back to your desk (if you're a local worker) or to the picnic beach of your choice (if you're a visitor). Our pick of the places is:

Papagalo Be prepared to queue for simple, hearty local dishes sold by weight.

Smoke Roast House One of the most popular places for cheap octopus curry within sight of the market entrance.

Lai Lam Food Shop Roast chicken or smoked fish in the same block as the market.

Taste of Italy Home-cooked Italian staples served for sit-down or takeaway.