Top things to do

Top Choice National Park in Praslin

Vallée de Mai

Gorgeous World Heritage–listed Vallée de Mai is one of only two places in the world where the rare coco de mer palm grows in its natural state (the other being nearby Curieuse Island). It's also a birding hot spot: …
Top Choice Seafood in La Digue


This ramshackle eatery run by a gang of affable ladies is an ideal spot for a filling lunch after (or before) working your tan at nearby Anse Source d'Argent. Start things off with smoked-fish salad, move on to a me…
Top Choice Buffet in La Digue

Loutier Coco

A complete overhaul in early 2016 transformed this casual beach shack on Grand Anse beach into a fully fledged restaurant, complete with cold tiled floors, concrete walls and a proper roof. What has not changed, tho…
Top Choice Creole in Victoria


Marie-Antoinette isn't just a restaurant, it's an experience, especially at dinner. It occupies a beautiful, if somewhat dated, wood-and-iron colonial Seychellois mansion. Bring an empty stomach – the menu (set menu…
Top Choice Art in Victoria


George Camille's lovely paintings can be found at this art gallery, with original paintings, prints, postcards and T-shirts all for sale.
Top Choice Buffet in Beau Vallon & the North Coast

Boat House

This long-standing venture is a great place for a slap-up meal. Its Creole-themed buffet dinner should satisfy all but the hungriest visitors, with about 20 different dishes on offer, including Creole curries, salad…
Top Choice Creole in West Coast

Del Place

This delightful spot weds cafe-cool to excellent cooking. The centrepiece is local seafood: octopus straight from the lagoon, baked red snapper in banana leaf, seafood platters and Creole curries, including the rare…
Top Choice Seafood in West Coast

Anse Soleil Café

Don't miss this unpretentious little eatery ideally positioned right on the beach. The menu has simply prepared seafood (such as grilled crab or seafood curry) and various chop sueys. It doesn't take reservations an…
Top Choice Cafeteria in West Coast

Maria's Rock Cafeteria

Now here's something different. Maria, the Seychellois spouse of artist Antonio Filippin, runs this quirky restaurant beside her husband's studio. The cavernous interior is discombobulating, with granite tabletops a…
Top Choice International in Praslin

Café des Arts

Praslin's most stylish restaurant is in the Le Duc de Praslin hotel. Flickering candles, colourful paintings, swaying palms, a breezy terrace and the sound of waves washing the beach will rekindle the faintest roman…