Seychelles rupee (Rs)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €150

  • Double room in a guesthouse: €60–90
  • Takeaway meal or self-catering lunch: €5
  • Dinner in midrange restaurant: €20
  • Bus ticket on Mahé or Praslin: €0.50

Midrange: €150–300

  • Double room in a midrange hotel: €150–250
  • Lunch in a midrange restaurant: €25
  • Car hire per day: from €40
  • Occasional excursions: €55–100
  • Ferry ride: €60

Top end: More than €300

  • Luxury hotel room: €350–sky's the limit
  • Dinner in top-end restaurant: from €50
  • Helicopter transfer: from €400


Bargaining is not a part of life in the Seychelles; the price quoted is the price you are expected to pay. However, haggling over the price of goods (but not food) is OK in markets.


You'll find several banks and bureaux de change in Grand Anse, Baie Ste Anne and Anse Volbert. All banks have ATMs and exchange facilities.

Barclays Bank Baie Ste Anne; Grand Anse

Breeze Garden Bureau de change.

Cash Plus Bureau de change.

Mauritius Commercial Bank Grand Anse; Anse Volbert