Top Events

Festival Kreol, October

Carnaval International de Victoria, April

FetAfrik, May

Kavadi Thaipoosum, January

French Week, March


Resort prices soar over the Christmas and New Year period, and although it tapers off quickly, things can stay busy throughout the month. Temperatures are warm, and humidity can be high with some rain likely.

Kavadi Thaipoosum

The first Seychelles-based Kavadi Thaipoosum festival was held in 1993 and has become a popular national festival. The opening ceremony begins with prayers at Victoria's Hindu temple, followed by processions through the streets of the capital. The colourful costumes make this a visually pleasing festival.


February is much like January with high humidity, and rain and cloudy skies always a possibility. With the New Year peak past and the rest of the world no longer on holidays, crowds are rare.

Seychelles-China Day

This festival coincides with the Chinese New Year, which falls in late January or early February. Celebrated over three days in Victoria, it features all sorts of festivities, including dance performances. Seychelles-China Day also aims to strengthen the links between the Seychelles and China.


March continues the trend of warm, humid weather with possible rain. Things are pretty quiet and many hotels drop their prices, although an early Easter can change all that. It's a great month for diving.

French Week

The Seychelles celebrates its French heritage around the middle of March with the Semaine de la Francophonie. For almost a week, French cultural expressions – song recitals, films and art exhibitions in particular – take over Mahé.


If Easter falls in April, expect prices to peak and accommodation to fill. European school holidays can also cause a spike in both prices and visitor numbers. Otherwise, calm seas, great diving and low-season prices.

Carnaval International de Victoria

One of the biggest parties in the country, carnival is usually held in late April. Three days of street parties and various performances, with a costume parade among its highlights.


Although it can change depending on the timing of French school holidays, May is generally a great time to visit – fewer tourists and milder temperatures, and rain or wind are rarely a problem.


The Seychelles is possibly the most African of the Indian Ocean islands, and it celebrates its African origins with FetAfrik, a weekend of music and dance in late May. It's one of the more exuberant festivals in the region.


June is generally low season and some hotels drop their prices. Winter has arrived, but not so you'd notice if you've arrived from Europe. It's a good time to visit before Europeans arrives en masse.


Unless French school holidays interrupt the normal flow, July is a fairly chilled month when it comes to visitor numbers and temperatures. There is little rain to speak of and resorts sometimes offer deals.


This is one of the driest months, with comfortable temperatures and humidity levels (they soar later in the year). European holidays often push prices upwards, creating high season prices to go with the crowds.


Temperatures are getting warmer, humidity is building, and the rains are just around the corner – be warned that they can arrive early. Low-season prices are a welcome reward for those who visit.

Vinayagar Chaturthi

The Vinayagar Chathurthi Festival is celebrated all over the Hindu world to mark the anniversary of the deity ‘Lord Vinayagar’. The highlight is the colourful and lit chariot procession in which the Lord Vinayagar sits. It starts from the Hindu temple in Victoria.

Seychelles Round Table Regatta

This event in Beau Vallon involves various sports contests, yacht races and live performances by local artists. The beach area gets very busy, with many locals taking advantage of the regatta to crowd the beach, with barbecue smells filling the air.


October is an excellent month to visit the Seychelles, with generally dry and calm weather conditions that aid underwater visibility, not to mention shoulder-season prices that can make upmarket places more accessible.

Festival Kreol

Providing a fantastic opportunity to delve into local culture, this festival in late October celebrates Creole heritage. It’s an explosion of local cuisine, theatre, art, music, street processions and dance, with performers from Mauritius and beyond. Events take place on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.


The generally calm conditions make this a good month to get out on (or under) the water, while shoulder-season prices entice those eager to avoid the Christmas and New Year rush. Temperatures remain high.

Seychelles Ocean Festival

This week-long festival ( features film screenings, exhibitions and other events hosted at various hotels and dive centres on Mahé. In recent years the focus has been on celebrating the Seychelles' fragile marine environment, and has drawn attention to threats to the region's reefs.


Christmas is coming but there are often good deals to be found early in the month. Christmas is peak season with hotels full, prices sky high and many places putting on a real show.


With close to 85% of Seychellois professing some form of Christianity, Christmas is a big deal on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Church and family celebrations dominate proceedings, although with many locals working in the tourism industry, the festive season often focuses around hotel celebrations.

New Year

Seychellois love to party and New Year's Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year. Many larger hotels and restaurants put on extravagant gala dinners, while all-night parties take over Beau Vallon and elsewhere.