Other Inner Islands attractions

Top Choice Beach in Frégate

Anse Maquereau

Quite possibly the world's most beautiful beach, petite Anse Maquereau is flanked by granitic monoliths, backed by palms and caressed by waters of the deepest blue. But with so few guests on the island, it's often y…
Beach in Félicité

Grande Anse

This ribbon of white sand is the most beautiful beach on Félicité, though shallow waters make swimming difficult. It's also the least visited, simply because it's the furthest from the resort. At the far end there's…
Viewpoint in Frégate

Mont Signal

The rocky crown of the island (125m) proffers incredible views west, and is a surreal spot for sunset. It's a 1.6km return hike along a well-marked trail that is signposted on the paved path that crosses the centre …