Hospital in La Digue

Logan Hospital

Offers basic health-care services. It's not well signposted, but it's a mustard yellow single-storey building at the southern end of La Passe.
Bank in La Digue


Currency exchange. Has a 24hr ATM, though it charges Rs100 per transaction.
Bank in La Digue

Mauritius Commercial Bank

Currency exchange and MoneyGram services. Has a 24-hour ATM.
Tourist Information in La Digue

Tourist Office

Provides basic information and helps organise tours.
Bank in La Digue


Currency exchange. Has an ATM.
Police in La Digue

Police Station

In the heart of La Passe.
Post in La Digue

Post Office

With FedEx service.
Bank in La Digue

Seychelles Commercial Bank

Forex and 24hr ATM.
Exchange in La Digue

Cash Plus Bureau de Change

Currency exchange.