Historic Site in La Digue

L'Union Estate & Copra Factory

At one time, the main industry on La Digue was coconut farming, centred on L'Union Estate coconut plantation south of La Passe. These days L'Union Estate is run as an informal 'theme park', which harbours the Old Pl…
Wildlife Reserve in La Digue

Veuve Reserve

La Digue is the last refuge of the black paradise flycatcher, which locals call the veuve (widow). This small forest reserve, which has been set aside to protect its natural habitat, is thought to shelter about 15 p…
Beach in La Digue

Anse Source d'Argent

Most new arrivals head straight for the beach at Anse Source d'Argent, and it's easy to see why. Picture this: a dazzling white-sand beach backed by naturally sculpted granite boulders and lapped by emerald waters. …
Village in La Digue

La Passe

A visit to tiny La Passe almost feels like stepping back in time, so perfectly does it capture the image of a sleepy tropical port. Apart from a few trucks and taxis, very few motorised vehicles clog the streets. Me…
Church in La Digue


With its striking yellow and white facade, this unmissable Catholic church is well worth a gander and also makes a colorful scene on Sunday morning when it is bursting at the seams with a devout congregation dressed…
Beach in La Digue

Grand Anse

On the southeast coast, Grand Anse is a stunning beach to sun yourself on, and it sees fewer visitors than Anse Source d'Argent because of the effort required to get there (though you can easily walk or cycle the 4k…
Beach in La Digue

Petite Anse

North of Grand Anse, the wonderfully dramatic crescent of Petite Anse is accessible on foot only. Strong riptides make it dangerous for swimming but it's a lovely place to kick back and sunbathe. From Grand Anse, it…
Beach in La Digue

Anse Cocos

From Petite Anse, you can take your beach towel further north to the wonderfully scenic Anse Cocos, which is reached by a rather vague track that starts at the southern end of Petite Anse. The bay here is dazzling t…
Beach in La Digue

Anse Sévère

On the northern outskirts of La Passe, Anse Sévère is not the most photogenic beach on La Digue but the peace you find sitting here under a takamaka tree may be as good as it gets on the island. It's lapped by jade …
Beach in La Digue

Anse Patates

At the northern tip of the island, this beach framed by big glacis boulders is alluring, but a bit too petite to be called perfect. It offers some good snorkelling, though.