Seychelles in detail

Entry & Exit Formalities

Entering the Seychelles is usually hassle-free, with no visas required for many nationalities. Customs searches are generally quick and easy if they occur at all.

Initial entry is granted for the period of the visit (with a maximum of three months) and proof of a planned and paid-for departure is required. Immigration officers will also require that you mention the name, address and phone number of the place where you are staying in the Seychelles; they may even ask for proof of a hotel (or other accommodation) booking.


Visas are not required for most Western nationals for stays of up to three months. They just need a valid passport.

Customs Regulations

  • The following items can be brought into the Seychelles duty-free: 400 cigarettes, 2L of strong liquor, 2L of wine and 200mL of eau de toilette. Anything over the limit must be declared on arrival.
  • There are restrictions on importing plants and animals, for which import permits are required.
  • A special permit is required to export coco fesse, and a certificate must be obtained from the seller.