Top Choice Street in Sevastopol

Primorsky Boulevard

The city's bay-facing showcase greets seafarers with an array of whitewashed colonnaded buildings. Fresh from a Russian-funded spruce-up, the boulevard is also a pleasant place to walk or hide from the scorching sun…
Top Choice Museum in Sevastopol

Mikhaylovskaya Battery

A massive piece of fortification seen across the bay from central Sevastopol, the battery served as a hospital when the Russians withdrew to the northern side of the bay during the Crimean War. It has recently been …
Ruins in Sevastopol


The ruins of the ancient Greek city founded in 422 BC are of great significance to local visitors. This is the place where Volodymyr the Great was famously baptised into Christianity in AD 988, launching what would …
Memorial in Sevastopol

Panorama of Sevastopol's Defence

The focus of Sevastopol's wartime memories, this is a circular building, its inner wall covered in a mammoth-sized painting. Supplemented with 3D props, it brings to life the 349-day siege of Sevastopol. Entry is on…
Museum in Sevastopol

Black Sea Fleet Museum

Full of ship models and Crimean War snippets, this small museum is visually impressive, even though all inscriptions are in Russian. The upper-floor exhibition is less interesting and reflects the Soviet view of the…
Beach in Sevastopol

Cape Fiolent

The southernmost tip of Sevastopol municipality is a spot of a rare, Le Grand Bleu type of beauty. But this aesthetic pleasure comes at a cost – an 800-step descent from the cliff-top Georgievsky monastery to the ci…
Monument in Sevastopol

Eagle Column

The Eagle Column commemorates Russian ships deliberately scuppered at the mouth of the harbour in 1854 to make it impossible for enemy ships to pass.
Monument in Sevastopol

Admiral Nakhimov Monument

Historic Site in Sevastopol

Grafskaya Pristan