Several walking trails go past the town centre. Within easy reach is a WWII memorial with wonderful views; head south along ul Sportova, cross the footbridge and follow the footpath to the monument.

Zlatibor's gentle slopes are ideal for equestrians. Ergela Milinković (064 278 9066) and Ranč Zova (064 466 0129) offer horse-riding lessons and scenic rides on horseback or in hackney carriages.


Zlatibor's highest peak Tornik (1496m) is home to one of Serbia's three ski resorts (day ski pass adult/child 1950/1500DIN), with 8km of pistes, cross-country skiing and three ski lifts. The slopes are not particularly challenging, making them a good spot for beginners and kids. There's a Nordic skiing trail at the northern foothill of Šumatno Brdo (1042m).

A 9km-long gondola connecting Tornik with the centre of Zlatibor (with a stopover station at Lake Ribničko) is planned to open in 2019 as the longest panoramic lift in the world.