Serbia in detail

Health & insurance

Before You Go

Health Insurance

Serbia has a reciprocal healthcare agreement with many EU states; this covers you for most emergency medical care except for emergency repatriation. Health insurance is recommended for everyone, as foreigners may be charged (even at public clinics) for any type of treatment.

In Serbia

Availability & Cost of Healthcare

Excellent, affordable healthcare is readily available in Serbian cities. For minor illnesses, chemists can give advice, sell over-the-counter medication and point you in the right direction when more specialised treatment is necessary. Some chemists keep herbal and root teas behind the counter and prescribe them for minor ailments. The country occasionally suffers from medicine shortages, so be sure to take a supply of essentials.

Serbia is a dental tourism destination for those in the know; the quality of the work is exceptional and it's incredibly affordable.

Tap Water

Serbia's tap water is safe for drinking, as is the fresh spring water often found at monasteries. Bottled water is sold everywhere.