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Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport handles most international flights. The airport website has a full list of airlines servicing Serbia. In the south, Niš Constantine the Great Airport links Niš with countries including Italy, Germany, Slovakia and the Netherlands.

The Serbian word for airport is ‘aerodrom’ (аеродром).

Airports & Airlines

Serbia's national carrier is Air Serbia ( It code-shares with airlines including Etihad, Aeroflot, Alitalia and KLM.

Departure Tax

Departure tax is included in the price of a ticket.


You can easily enter Serbia by land from Montenegro, Croatia, BiH, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary; coming in via Kosovo can present difficulties.


There are no issues with bringing bikes into the country. If you're flying in, check with your airline about putting your pushie in the hold (generally for a fee).

Border Crossings

Serbia is landlocked by accessible neighbours. Subotica is 10km from the Hungarian border, Vršac is the same distance from Romania, and Pirot is 45 minutes from Bulgaria. When things are calm on the Kosovo border, €7 and three hours get you from Novi Pazar to Priština. The Zlatibor and Tara regions stretch to Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH); travellers can take a day trip to the famous bridge on the Drina. All of Europe is accessible from Belgrade: Bucharest, Budapest, Ljubljana, Moscow, Sofia and Zagreb are a train ride away, and regular buses serve destinations including Vienna, Sarajevo and Podgorica. Don't forget your passport and any applicable visas.

Because Serbia does not acknowledge crossing points into Kosovo as international border crossings, it may not be possible to enter Serbia from Kosovo unless you first entered Kosovo from Serbia. If you wish to enter Serbia from Kosovo, consider taking a route which transits another nearby country. Check with your embassy for updates.


Bus services to both Western Europe and Turkey are well developed. When crossing borders, officers will usually board the bus, take everyone's passports then return them after processing them; passengers wait in their seats.

Car & Motorcycle

Drivers need International Driving Permits. If you're in your own car, you'll need your vehicle registration and ownership documents and locally valid insurance (such as European Green Card vehicle insurance). Otherwise, border insurance costs about €150 for a car, €95 for a motorbike; has updated pricelists. Check your hire car insurance cover to be sure it covers Serbia.

Driving Serbian-plated cars into Kosovo is a terrible idea, and is usually not permitted by rental agencies or insurers anyway.


It's possible to hitch in or out of Serbia. As with any border crossing, be sure you have your passport and any relevant visas. Some drivers may ask for money, but it's not a common practice.


International rail connections leaving Serbia originate in Belgrade. Heading north and west, most call in at Novi Sad and Subotica. Heading east, they go via Niš.

At border stops, officials will board the train and stamp your passport and check for relevant visas.

Several trips from Serbia offer stunning slices of scenery, such as the route to Bar on the Montenegrin coast. For more information, visit Serbian Railways (


It is not possible to travel here by sea.