Historic Sites

Impressive sights stand as testaments to Serbia's tumultuous history, which spans the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Habsburg and Yugoslav eras.

Lepenski Vir The Mesolithic-era settlement in Đerdap National Park is world-famous for its stone idols with fish-like faces.

Studenica Monastery The most revered of Serbia's medieval monasteries was established in 1196 by the founder of a dynasty (and future saint) Stefan Nemanja.

Petrovaradin Fortress Nicknamed 'Gibraltar on the Danube', Europe's second-biggest fortress was constructed by Austro-Hungarians and has 16km of underground tunnels.

Kadinjača Memorial Complex A futuristic WWII memorial commemorates the Partisans' heroic defeat at the battle of Kadinjača and the first liberated territory in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Ćele Kula Come face to face with Serbia's brutal Ottoman-era past at this teetering tower of human skulls.

Felix Romuliana Unesco-listed ruins of the 4th-century palace built for the Roman emperor Galerius.

Outdoor Adventures

Serbia's diverse countryside is the perfect playground for those who love to gambol through the great outdoors.

Tara National Park For al fresco adventures, this corner of western Serbia is a favourite all-rounder; head here for rafting, canyoning, mountain biking and uphill treks.

Đerdap National Park Dawdle down the Danube on a kayaking adventure through the mighty Iron Gates gorge in Serbia's far east.

Stara Planina Soak up the scenery on the hike to Serbia's highest peak, or trek to the Old Mountain's hidden waterfalls and secluded villages.

Fruška Gora Cycling is an ideal way to take in this rolling region's 16 monasteries, countless wineries and perfect picnic spots.

Kopaonik Blanketed in snow from November to May, it's all downhill at this upbeat, affordable ski resort.

Vojvodina The stables of the pancake-flat northern province offer enjoyable horse riding for both rookies and seasoned equestrians.

Art Collections

Little Serbia punches far above its weight in terms of artistic output, with galleries showcasing eclectic works from the ancient to the avant-garde.

Museum of Contemporary Art Provocative pieces from Serbian, ex-Yugoslav and international creatives in a modernist building which reopened in 2017 after being shuttered for 10 years.

Gallery of Matica Srpska Three centuries of Serbian masterpieces, covering everything from Byzantine art to modernism.

Macura Museum Radical art, from zenitism and yugo-dada to Belgrade surrealism and Vojvodinian neoavant-garde, in a rustic setting by the Danube.

Zepter Museum Serbia’s first private museum has an impressive and well-curated collection of works by contemporary artists.

Kovačica Naive Art Gallery A small Vojvodinian village turns out whimsical rural-centric art at a prolific pace.

Modern Art Gallery Subotica This ornate art nouveau mansion in Subotica is a masterpiece in itself.

Rural Escapes

Away from Belgrade's hip nightlife, Serbia's authentic charm is found in sleepy villages and folk customs that have remained unchanged for centuries.

Guča Festival Each August a hedonistic gathering of trubači (brass band) performers brings thousands of visitors to a hamlet in western Serbia.

Sirogojno Open-Air Museum Get a snapshot of 19th-century life in a wooden 'ethno village' in the Zlatibor region.

Rajac Wine Cellars This 18th-century rural complex of stone wine cellars in eastern Serbia's Negotin region is a must for oenophiles.

Gostuša An out-of-time stone village tucked away in the foothills of Stara Planina.

Salaši Traditional salaši (farmsteads) dot the Vojvodinian countryside, offering cosy lodgings and memorable rural hospitality.

Kafana cuisine Time-honoured kafana (tavern) culture, a remnant of the country's Ottoman past, is still cherished particularly in southern Serbia.