Top Choice Seafood in Novi Sad

Čarda Aqua Doria

All aboard for romance, river views and rich fish dishes! Bobbing in the shadow of Petrovaradin Fortress, this beautiful barge restaurant is popular with locals looking to splurge on exquisitely prepared čorba (fish…
Top Choice Mediterranean in Novi Sad

Fish i Zeleniš

This bright, snug little nook serves up the finest vegetarian/pescatarian meals in northern Serbia (don't fret, meat-lovers – there's plenty here for you, too). Organic, locally sourced ingredients? Ambient? Ineffab…
Vegetarian in Novi Sad


One of only a few vegetarian places in central Novi Sad, offering healthy, energy-loaded meals made of veggies, mushrooms, whole grains, seitan, tofu or seeds. Handmade pasta and sugar-free sweets are its magical tr…
Fast Food in Novi Sad


Without a skerrick of a doubt, this hole-in-the-wall joint in the cool Chinatown district makes the freshest, tastiest pljeskavica (hamburger) in town: you will salivate over the memory of them for months to come. T…
International in Novi Sad


Tegla means 'jar', and that's just what you'll get at this brilliant little concept eatery. Set up to combat the Serbian habit of hitting a pekara (bakery) for fatty treats whenever hunger strikes, Tegla's offers a …
Serbian in Novi Sad


This utterly charming restaurant by the Danube ladles out hearty Vojvodinian cuisine to an appreciative crowd of city slickers, jolly fishers and local families (who visit as much for the wonderful on-site playgroun…
Italian in Novi Sad

Alla Lanterna

Come for the toothsome pastas, pizzas and Italian-influenced mains, stay for the jaw-dropping decor; thousands of polished pebbles and tiles have been meticulously arranged into psychedelic swirling patterns that ru…
Serbian in Novi Sad

Lazin Salaš

Replete with hay bales and knick-knackery, Lazin Salaš serves up country-mouse cuisine on the most happening street in town. Don't be surprised if you find a violin in your ear; they love their tamburaši (musicians …
Fast Food in Novi Sad

Index House

The locally famous Index Sandwich – an indulgent, sauce-laden spin on a ham-and-cheese sandwich – available for your munching pleasure, 24 hours a day.
Ice Cream in Novi Sad

Poslastičarnica Šeherezada

Slurp down an ice cream or a good coffee while watching the passing parade on Zmaj Jovina.