Top Choice Fortress in Novi Sad

Petrovaradin Citadel

Towering over the river on a 40m-high volcanic slab, this mighty citadel is aptly nicknamed 'Gibraltar on the Danube'. Constructed with slave labour between 1692 and 1780, its dungeons have held notable prisoners in…
Top Choice Museum in Novi Sad

Gallery of Matica Srpska

First established in Pest (part of modern Budapest) in 1826 and moved to Novi Sad in 1864, this is one of Serbia's most important and long-standing cultural institutions. It's not a mere gallery, but rather a nation…
Area in Novi Sad

Chinese Quarter

Novi Sad's up-and-coming creative district is a ramshackle jumble of cobbled alleys, boat workshops, rehearsal garages, alternative clubs and secret kafane (cafés) hiding behind mounds of rubbish and sprawling veget…
Beach in Novi Sad


One of Europe's best by-the-Danube beaches, this 700m-long stretch morphs into a city of its own come summertime, with bars, stalls and all manner of recreational diversions attracting thousands of sun- and fun-seek…
Island in Novi Sad

Ribarsko Ostrvo

This small but exceedingly pleasant 'island' (it's technically a peninsula) is a wonderful spot for a Danube-side picnic or lazy stroll. More restaurants, hotels and splavovi (river-barge nightclubs) are opening all…
Museum in Novi Sad

Museum of Vojvodina

This museum houses historical, archaeological and ethnological exhibits. Building 35 covers Vojvodinian history from Palaeolithic times to the late 19th century. Building 37 takes the story to 1945 with harrowing em…
Museum in Novi Sad

City Museum of Novi Sad

Within the Petrovaradin Citadel's walls is a museum offering insight into the fortress's history. There is some English signage; otherwise, the staff is happy to help with explanations.