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Day Trips & Excursions

Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci Day Trip from Belgrade

Be introduced to the gorgeous Fruška Gora and feel the spirit of monastery Krušedol - Feel the charming atmosphere of the „museum town“ of Sremski Karlovci - Taste authentic local wines - Conquer Petrovaradin Fortress known as „Gibraltar on Danube“ and enjoy the best view of Danube  - Walk through picturesque streets and squares of Novi Sad, renowned 'cultural capital' of Northern Serbia, melting pot of various ethnic groups and cultures.
9 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Monday group tour to Fruska gora and Novi Sad

Enjoy immersive visits to Fruska Gora and Novi Sad on a full-day group tour from Belgrade every Monday, year round. Provided round trip transportation allows your group to visit multiple locations comfortably and without delays. Discover Krusedol Monastery, Sremski Karlovci, Petrovaradin Fortress, and much more with your guide.
6 hours
Kid Friendly

Vojvodina Private Tour

Vojvodina Tour is a perfect city break and a fantastic addition to all tourists who come to Serbia for the first time and want to explore the history of this country. Vojvodina depicts the life of Serbs in a completely different way than Belgrade and you have the impression that you are in another country and that you have been stuck in an old time. Vojvodina has its own rules that do not apply to any other part of Serbia, its specificity, openness, and enjoyment that only the Vojvodina's people can bring. It is the most important historical tour of North Serbia.Languages offered: English, Greek, Turkish, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.Choose among 16 different languages and enjoy Vojvodina with all your senses!
8 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Down and Around the Danube with Viminacium Tour

In a single day you will visit fortress on the Danube, discover what the Roman town of Viminacium looked like, villa Obrenovic, relax on the banks of Lake Srebrno Jezero.
12 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Topola and Oplenac one day in Sumadija

Visit the breath-taking Oplenac mausoleum church with its mosaics, learn about Serbian history in the local museum, and enjoy your lunch in the historic Orasac village.
10 hours
Transfers & Ground Transport

Private Transfer: From Belgrade to Novi Sad and Back

Belgrade to Novi Sad Private Transferwith optional return with two hours of free waiting time! You need a reliable and fast transfer to the beautiful city of Novi Sad, capital of Vojvodina province in a comfortable air-conditioned sedan or minivan?
1.25 hours
Private & Custom Tours

Private tour from Belgrade to Novi Sad

With just under 300,000 inhabitants, Novi Sad is 5-6 times smaller than Belgrade, about 100 kilometers away, when traveling by highway. Despite this fact, even many Belgrade residents consider Novi Sad as the most beautiful city in Serbia and that's why private tours to Novi Sad from Belgrade are really popular. Novi Sad is a city on the Danube river bank, founded in 1694, and was long considered the center of Serbian culture. Today, Novi Sad is the economic, cultural, university center of the northern part of Serbia – Vojvodina. Since this part of Serbia was under the Austro-Hungarian occupation during long time in history, and because of the fact that there is a large number of national minorities in Novi Sad, it adorns a unique charm that can be noticed in the very architecture of the buildings in the town center.  On this round trip we can visit some intersting places on the way there.
2 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Novi Sad & Sremski Karlovci tour in Hebrew language

Explore landmarks of Novi Sad including gorgeous Petrovaradin fortress and Synagogue, and enjoy baroque architecture of Sremski Karlovci town!
8 hours