Top Choice Music in Southern Serbia

Guča Festival

Known simply as 'Guča', after the western Serbian village that has hosted it each August since 1961, this four-day annual gathering of brass musicians is hedonism at its most rambunctious: tens of thousands of beer-…
Top Choice Music in Novi Sad

EXIT Festival

The Petrovaradin Citadel is stormed by thousands of revellers each July during this epic festival. The first edition, in 2000, lasted 100 days and galvanised a generation of young Serbs against the Milošević regime.…
Top Choice Film in Zlatibor

Küstendorf Film and Music Festival

Held in the fantastical, purpose-built village of Drvengrad, this festival is hosted by award-winning director Emir Kusturica and showcases up and coming films from across the world; the nightly live concerts (rock,…
Cultural in Belgrade

Night of Museums

Explore the best of Belgrade's museums and galleries after dark (5pm to 1am); a huge range of cultural and artistic programs are held in conjunction with the event. In addition to the capital, a further 45 towns in …
Art in Belgrade

Mikser Festival

June’s hyper-hipster Mikser Festival brings the supercool Savamala district into the spotlight, with a full program devoted to the latest in music, design and quirky creativity.
Beer in Belgrade

Belgrade Beerfest

Held over five nights each August, this is an unrivalled revelry of live rock shows, carousing crowds of over half a million people, and of course, beer, beer, beer.
Dance in Belgrade

Belgrade Dance Festival

From Akram Khan Company and Compañía Nacional de Danza to Sylvie Guillem and Mikhail Baryshnikov, Belgrade Dance Festival showcases the most important dancers and dance companies from around the world. What keeps it…
Film in Belgrade

Magnificent Seven

Seven days, seven feature documentary films from across Europe. Thousands of curious visitors, longing to experience a trip to different countries and discover interesting stories on the big screen. The Magnificent …
Wine in Sremski Karlovci

Grape Harvesting Festival

Otherwise sleepy Sremski Karlovci morphs into Wine City each year as thousands of visitors pack its historical streets for this celebration of the region's veritable vino. Sample a drop or three of the local tipple,…
Rafting in Tara National Park

Bajina Bašta Regatta

A raucous and ramshackle contingent of daredevils takes to the Drina in anything that floats (and often things that don’t) each July to commemorate the centuries-old tradition of rafting the river.