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To solve complexed historic Serbian puzzle, join us on the tour down the flow of mighty Danube and meet the “witnesses” from different epochs.First destination is the fantastic Golubac Fortress built on inaccessible cliffs, guarding famous “Iron Gate” of the Đerdap canyon from 14th century till nowadays. You will have chance to enjoy in mirror-surface of Danube, fairytale-like Fortress from boat perspective (if weather allows)!This “time machine” tour will be proceed in Neolith era in the prehistoric urban settlement of Lepenski Vir. This archaeological sight discoveries settlement from 8.000 years old, it tells us that ancient human had been way more advanced than we predicted.For the end, we take you to the Roman period. Viminacium is remain of a town and military fortification on Roman Province Moesia Superior. Part of this archaeological park is devoted to the one of biggest extinct mammal on Earth, who walked here 5 million years ago.
The Danube, „old giant “or „the biggest among rivers“ is the cradle of many civilizations and cultures. Once the main bond between west and east and the border of powerful Roman Empire, Danube hasn’t lost its importance and nowadays is the route that connects eastern and western parts of the European continent. Danube is Europe’s second longest river with its flow of 2860 km, 588 km of which, maybe the most interesting ones, belong to Serbia. Danube on Serbian territory, vast and peaceful river, turns into fast mountainous river. Many historical and cultural sights are located along the Serbian banks of the river: late Stone Age Vinča, medieval Fortresses of Smederevo and Ram, Roman Viminacium, prehistoric Lepenski vir, Golubac Fortress.We begin with Golubac Fortress. It was built on inaccessible cliffs near the widest part of the Danube (around 6km) and nowadays is one of the best preserved fortresses in Serbia. Golubac was built from stone on the location of former Roman fortification and had been for centuries the place that controlled the Đerdap canyon. National park Đerdap is the region where Danube’s flow created the greatest river canyon in Europe 98 km long. And the best way to feel all mysteries of this fortress is from the river, so relax and enjoy in little boat ride along Danube (if weather allows).Lepenski Vir is one of biggest and most important archaeological sites on this territory. We will see prehistoric urban settlement that has been populated 8000 years ago, cultural, architectural heritage of Lepenski Vir culture and their way of life. It is a proof of very active life on the Danube’s shores from the epochs of first settlements. After the visit to Lepenski Vir sight, we’ll proceed to sight from Roman times.Roman town and military fortification from the II century that once was the capital of Roman Province of Moesia Superior, for centuries it had been a crossroad. During Hadrian’s reign in the II century Viminacium had received the status of a municipality, and then in the III century – a colony status, the highest level of independence in the Roman Empire that a town could have. Many Roman Emperors passed by Viminacium and prepared military plans here. At this archaeological park we’ll see perfectly saved late antique frescos of the Roman Empire, mausoleum, spa, Roman amphitheatre etc.

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