Top things to do

African in Ziguinchor

Le Erobon

This humble outdoor eatery is highly recommended. You can come here any time of day for grilled fish, carefully spiced and served with a sea view. The ambience is wonderfully relaxed.
African in Ziguinchor

Le Kassa

It's proven itself for years, this patio-pretty place on the Ziguinchor roundabout. The kitchen stays open late and there's live music on weekends.
Senegalese in Ziguinchor

Le Tamarinier

Good Senegalese meals and standard international cuisine (think chicken and chips).
Sweets in Ziguinchor


There is a small superette as well as a good patisserie opposite the restaurant Le Mansah.
Bar in Ziguinchor


This is really a dibiterie (grilled-meat place) rather than a bar, but as any dibiterie worth its meat, it's also the terminus, the final stop after a night out dancing.
Architecture in Ziguinchor

Post Office

Central Ziguinchor, with its colourful colonial buildings and wide streets overlooked by mighty trees, is well worth exploring for an afternoon. Interesting buildings include the central post office on Rue du Généra…
Supermarket in Ziguinchor


There is a small superette, as well as a good patisserie opposite the restaurant Le Mansah.
Architecture in Ziguinchor

Alliance Franco-Sénégalaise

This is easily Ziguinchor's most stunning building, a giant case à impluvium (large, round traditional house), decorated with blindingly busy South African Ndebele and Casamance patterns. Inside there are exhibition…
Club in Ziguinchor

Le Bombolong

Has the most raucous party.
Club in Ziguinchor

Le Rubis

Under new ownership, this place had turned itself into Ziguinchor's most fashionable dance floor when we visited, with salsa on Fridays and a global punch of hip-hop, R&B, mbalax (a mixture of Cuban beats and tr…