Ziguinchor in detail

Flights & getting there


Ziguinchor Airport is in the south of the city, about 4.5km south of the waterfront.

Groupe Transair flies twice daily between Dakar and Ziguinchor (one-way/return about CFA65,000/115,000).


Three boats make the long, overnight journey between Dakar and Ziguinchor: the Diambogne, the Anguène and the larger Aline Sitoé Diatta. There are four departures heading each way: the Aline Sitoé Diatta goes twice per week, and the other boats each go once weekly. The voyage takes 14 to 18 hours.

Buy your ticket (CFA16,000 to CFA31,000 one-way) in advance and in person from the gare maritime (passenger port). You can also buy tickets through Diambone Voyages based in Ziguinchor – a good option if you're overseas, as ferries can book up.

Boats To & From Ziguinchor

From Dakar

Tue 8pmWed 10amAline Sitoé Diatta
Thu 8pmFri 11amDiambogne or Anguène
Fri 8pmSat 10amAline Sitoé Diatta
Sun 8pmMon 11amDiambogne or Anguène

From Ziguinchor

Tue 1pmWed 6amDiambogne or Anguène
Thu 1pmFri 7amAline Sitoé Diatta
Fri 1pmSat 6amDiambogne or Anguène
Sun 1pmMon 7amAline Sitoé Diatta

Car & Motorcycle

Total Petrol Station Located on busy Ave Carvalho.

Shell Petrol Station One block west of the main roundabout.

Shared Taxis & Minibus

The gare routière is to the east of the city centre. There are frequent sept-place taxis to Dakar (CFA10,000 plus luggage costs, minimum 10 hours, 454km) and Cap Skirring (CFA2000, 1¾ hours).

You can also catch a minibus here to Oussouye (CFA1000, one hour).