West African franc (CFA)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than CFA40,000

  • Budget guesthouse room: CFA11,000
  • Sandwich or shwarma (kebab): CFA2500
  • Café Touba from a roadside vendor: CFA50
  • Five-hour sept-place taxi ride: CFA5000

Midrange: CFA40,000–100,000

  • Double room in a shoreline hotel: CFA50,000
  • Two-course seafood lunch: CFA6000
  • Bottle of Gazelle beer: CFA900
  • Twenty-minute taxi ride across Dakar: CFA3000

Top End: More than CFA100,000

  • High-end beach resort room: from CFA85,000
  • Two-course dinner in a high-end dining room: CFA10,000
  • Cocktail in a chic nightspot: CFA5000
  • 4WD with driver for the day: CFA60,000


Like it or not, bargaining is part of the travel experience in Senegal. You'll have to haggle over prices at market places and agree on a taxi price before getting in. Transport prices on sept-place taxis and other long-distance vehicles are fixed, but you'll still have to bargain over the luggage surcharge – which can range from CFA1000 to over CFA3000, depending on the distance travelled and size of your bag(s).


CBAO Advances on credit cards and ATM.

SGBS Change or withdraw money here; there's an ATM.