Senegal shopping

Music in Saint-Louis

Ndar Ndar Music & Cafe

Ndar Ndar is a delightful little shop, with a small coffee bar in front and a spread of CDs for sale in back. There's reggae, jazz, folk and, of course, African beats. Oumar, the friendly proprietor, uses Ethopian c…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Dakar

Marché Kermel

The covered Marché Kermel, behind Ave Sarraut and within walking distance of Marché Sandaga, sells a mixture of foodstuffs and souvenirs. It's mainly worth visiting for the beautiful building that shelters its busy …
Market in Dakar

Marché des HLM

The fabulous Marché des HLM is the best place to buy African fabrics. Hundreds of rolls of wax-dyed bazin cloth, vibrant prints, embroidered cloth, lace and silk lend colour to the ramshackle stalls and dusty street…
Arts & Crafts in Saint-Louis

Les Ateliers Tësss

Les Ateliers Tësss displays and sells beautiful woven textiles, which feature natural dyes and high-quality organic cotton. The remarkable gallery keeps alive traditional weaving techniques, and you can sometimes se…
Market in Dakar

Marché Sandaga

In the endless sprawl of street stalls here you can buy just about anything (as long as no one steals your purse): you'll find tapestries, wood carvings, wildly patterned clothing, beaded jewellery and original pain…
Arts & Crafts in Saint-Louis

L'Agneau Carnivale

You'll find vintage prints, old B&W postcards, photographic books about Saint-Louis, CDs and original African paintings (in back) at this clean, well-lighted shop on the main drag.
Market in Dakar

Village Artisanal Soumbédioune

Although it lacks the energy of other markets, this is a good place to browse for souvenirs of all kinds, including wooden masks, paintings, jewellery, batik prints and more.
Arts & Crafts in Oussouye

Case Artisanale Villageoise d'Oussouye

Near the centre of the village, this welcoming place sells a small selection of locally made crafts, including dolls, paintings, pottery (made in Edioungou) and a few drums
Clothing in Dakar

Cocktail du Sénégal

The spacious Cocktail du Sénégal has a good selection of clothes, both for children and adults, along with a great variety of original gifts, souvenirs and jewellery.
Market in Dakar

Marché Tilène

For a slice of local life, put on your best 'don't mess with me' face and head over to this buzzing market, which sprawls for several blocks off Ave Blaise Diagne.