Clothing in Dakar

Cocktail du Sénégal

The spacious Cocktail du Sénégal also has a good selection of clothes, both for children and adults, along with a great variety of original gifts, souvenirs and jewellery.
Market in Dakar

Marché des HLM

The fabulous Marché des HLM is the best place to buy African fabrics. Hundreds of rolls of wax-dyed bazin (dyed fabrics beaten to a shine with wooden clubs), vibrant prints, embroidered cloth, lace and silk lend col…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Dakar

Marché Kermel

The covered Marché Kermel, behind Av Sarraut and within walking distance of Marché Sandaga, sells a mixture of foodstuffs and souvenirs. It's mainly worth visiting for the beautiful building that shelters …
Market in Dakar

Marché Sandaga

In the endless sprawl of street stalls here you can buy about anything, as long as no one steals your purse.
Market in Ziguinchor

Marché Escale

Self-caterers can buy all the fresh fruit and vegetables they can carry on Marché Escale, right in the heart of town.
Market in Dakar

Marché Tilène