Top things to do in Saint-Louis

Top Choice African in Saint-Louis

La Kora

La Kora has earned a stellar reputation for its fabulous cooking, the warm welcome from Peggy (the proprietor) and staff, and the lovely setting – complete with a baobab tree in the vine-trimmed courtyard and a styl…
Top Choice Bridge in Saint-Louis

Pont Faidherbe

Transferred to Saint-Louis in 1897, the Pont Faidherbe is the city's most significant landmark. The metal arches of this bridge linking Saint-Louis to the mainland were designed by Gustav Eiffel and originally built…
Music in Saint-Louis

Saint-Louis Jazz Festival

The most internationally renowned festival in West Africa is held annually in early or mid May and attracts jazz greats from around the world. The main event usually happens at the Quai des Arts or on an open-air st…
Live Music in Saint-Louis

Meyazz Club

The best new venue for live music is in Sor – well worth the taxi trip over if a concert is happening. Music is wide-ranging, from African rhythms and mbalax to reggae and global beats, and it draws a well-dressed, …
Music in Saint-Louis

Ndar Ndar Music & Cafe

Ndar Ndar is a delightful little shop, with a small coffee bar in front and a spread of CDs for sale in back. There's reggae, jazz, folk and, of course, African beats. Oumar, the friendly proprietor, uses Ethopian c…
African in Saint-Louis

La Linguère

A reliable local eatery that serves up tasty poulet yassa, thiéboudienne and other Senegalese classics. Friendly service and attention to details (and cleanliness) makes all the difference.
National Park in Saint-Louis

Parc National de la Langue de Barbarie

This park includes the far southern tip of the Langue de Barbarie peninsula, the estuary of the Senegal River (which contains two small islands) and a section of the mainland on the other side of the estuary. The pa…
Arts & Crafts in Saint-Louis

Les Ateliers Tësss

Les Ateliers Tësss displays and sells beautiful woven textiles, which feature natural dyes and high-quality organic cotton. The remarkable gallery keeps alive traditional weaving techniques, and you can sometimes se…
Museum in Saint-Louis

Musée Jean Mermoz

This small museum gives a glimpse into the life and times of Jean Mermoz, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and other pilots who flew during the golden era of aviation in the 1930s. Saint-Louis was a key stop on the European…
Cultural in Saint-Louis

Les Fanals

Celebrated on one night during the last week of December between Christmas and New Year's Eve, this historic lantern procession has its roots in the lantern-lit marches to midnight Mass once made by the signares. To…