Saint-Louis shopping

Music in Saint-Louis

Ndar Ndar Music & Cafe

Ndar Ndar is a delightful little shop, with a small coffee bar in front and a spread of CDs for sale in back. There's reggae, jazz, folk and, of course, African beats. Oumar, the friendly proprietor, uses Ethopian c…
Arts & Crafts in Saint-Louis

Les Ateliers Tësss

Les Ateliers Tësss displays and sells beautiful woven textiles, which feature natural dyes and high-quality organic cotton. The remarkable gallery keeps alive traditional weaving techniques, and you can sometimes se…
Arts & Crafts in Saint-Louis

L'Agneau Carnivale

You'll find vintage prints, old B&W postcards, photographic books about Saint-Louis, CDs and original African paintings (in back) at this clean, well-lighted shop on the main drag.