Saint-Louis restaurants

Top Choice African in Saint-Louis

La Kora

La Kora has earned a stellar reputation for its fabulous cooking, the warm welcome from Peggy (the proprietor) and staff, and the lovely setting – complete with a baobab tree in the vine-trimmed courtyard and a styl…
African in Saint-Louis

La Linguère

A reliable local eatery that serves up tasty poulet yassa, thiéboudienne and other Senegalese classics. Friendly service and attention to details (and cleanliness) makes all the difference.
Seafood in Saint-Louis

Le Reveil

A friendly, very welcoming restaurant tucked away in the back of the bar Ambuscade, Le Reveil serves up tasty fresh seafood. The fricassé de la mer (a kind of mixed seafood plate) and coconut shrimp curry are both f…
Bakery in Saint-Louis

La Rosa

This small, charming bakery churns out decent croissants, pastries and other temptations.