Sailing the Senegal River

For a unique perspective on riparian life in the north, book a cabin in the 52m tourist boat Bou El Mogdad, which travels along the Senegal River between Saint-Louis and Podor, on the edge of Mauritania. The six-day cruise, run by an old Saint-Louis family, makes stops at the Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj, the ruins of old French-colonial chateaux and traditional villages (both Wolof and Peul).

The vessel, which once plied the river transporting goods and passengers, has been retrofitted with 25 cabins (in three different classes), and the price for the six-night cruise includes full board and excursions. Departures happen four times a month (with two departures from each direction) from late October to early May. Book through Sahel Découverte.