Saint-Louis attractions

Top Choice Bridge in Saint-Louis

Pont Faidherbe

Transferred to Saint-Louis in 1897, the Pont Faidherbe is the city's most significant landmark. The metal arches of this bridge linking Saint-Louis to the mainland were designed by Gustav Eiffel and originally built…
National Park in Saint-Louis

Parc National de la Langue de Barbarie

This park includes the far southern tip of the Langue de Barbarie peninsula, the estuary of the Senegal River (which contains two small islands) and a section of the mainland on the other side of the estuary. The pa…
Museum in Saint-Louis

Musée Jean Mermoz

This small museum gives a glimpse into the life and times of Jean Mermoz, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and other pilots who flew during the golden era of aviation in the 1930s. Saint-Louis was a key stop on the European…
Museum in Saint-Louis

IFAN Museum

This heritage, art and culture museum contains photos of famous Saint-Louis personalities, an informative history section (in French) and exhibitions on local culture, wildlife and topography. There's pottery, jewel…
Square in Saint-Louis

Place Faidherbe

With its statue of the French governor who led the colonial expansion eastwards and initiated many ambitious infrastructural projects, this square sits adjacent to several intact 19th-century houses, including the G…
Historic Building in Saint-Louis


Right opposite the Pont Faidherbe, the Governance (usually referred to as 'la Gouvernance') is built on the ruins of the 18th-century colonial fort. This was the seat of power for Afrique Occidentale Française (Fren…
Village in Saint-Louis

Guet N'Dar

On the Langue de Barbarie, Guet N'Dar is a fantastically busy fishing town worth checking out to observe local culture. Come here to watch dozens of pirogues being launched in the morning, and fish being brought in,…
Mosque in Saint-Louis

Grand Mosque

The Maghreb-style building of the Grand Mosque in the north was constructed in 1847 by order of the colonial administration to appease the growing Muslim population. The oddity of an attached clock tower betrays the…
Cathedral in Saint-Louis


In the south, next to the governor's palace, you'll find the Cathedral, an 1828 building with a neoclassical facade that is one of the oldest operating churches in Senegal.
Notable Building in Saint-Louis

Rogniat Casernes

On opposite sides of Place Faidherbe, these two 19th-century buildings were used as soldiers' barracks during the colonial days. The building on the south is the older of the two and dates from 1830.