Top Choice Seafood in Dakar

Le Lagon I

Perched on stilts over the bay, Le Lagon is one of Dakar's top seafood spots, with a spread of culinary treasures – oysters, sea urchins, chargrilled fish, pastas with mixed seafood. You can dine outside on the bree…
Seafood in Dakar

Cabane du Pêcheur

One of Dakar's best fish restaurants serves freshly grilled treats, such as amberjack and dolphinfish, that you'll find hardly anywhere else in the city.
Seafood in Dakar

Le Ngor

At this quirky, seashell-adorned place, waves lap at your feet while you enjoy a perfectly grilled fish. There's also brochettes (shish kebabs), paella, vegetarian samosas and Senegalese classics like poulet yassa,
Seafood in Île de Gorée


Escape the crowds filling the beachside eateries at this peaceful spot just past the Maison des Esclaves. You can sit on the outside terrace overlooking the sea and enjoy decent plates of fresh seafood.
Seafood in Cap Skirring

Bar de la Mer

For seafood on the beach, it's hard to beat this eatery set in a high-end guesthouse right on the beach at Kabrousse (5km south of Cap Skirring).