Top Choice African in Saint-Louis

La Kora

La Kora has earned a stellar reputation for its fabulous cooking, the warm welcome from Peggy (the proprietor) and staff, and the lovely setting – complete with a baobab tree in the vine-trimmed courtyard and a styl…
African in Dakar

Le Djembé

A block west of Pl de l'Indépendance, this inviting, colourful eatery is the whispered insider-tip for anyone in search of a filling platter of thiéboudienne (rice baked in a thick sauce of fish and vegetables). The…
African in Saint-Louis

La Linguère

A reliable local eatery that serves up tasty poulet yassa, thiéboudienne and other Senegalese classics. Friendly service and attention to details (and cleanliness) makes all the difference.
African in Joal-Fadiout

Cabane du Pecheur

Overlooking the waterfront and a few steps from the Fadiout bridge, this pleasant place serves up decent poulet yassa, lotte (a kind of white fish) brochettes and grilled fish. Nice breezes and pleasant views make t…
African in Mbour & Saly

Le Soleil de Saly

The buzzing new favourite in town has a central location on the main drag and serves up tasty grilled meat and fish dishes, with live music three nights a week (Thursday through Saturday). Owner Mamadou Basse is eas…
African in Ziguinchor

Le Erobon

This humble outdoor eatery is highly recommended. You can come here any time of day for grilled fish, carefully spiced and served with a sea view. The ambience is wonderfully relaxed and sometimes includes live musi…
African in Ziguinchor

Le Kassa

Ziguinchor's best-known dining spot has a plant-filled courtyard and classic cooking – the Senegalese dishes are best. The kitchen stays open late and there's live music some nights. On the roundabout.
African in Ndangane & Mar Lodj

Flamant Rose

On the main road leading into town (and about 200m from the waterfront), Flamant Rose is a reliable local favourite for hearty Senegalese dishes. You can also inquire about boat tours here.
African in Oussouye


Serves up tasty Senegalese dishes with a smile from a pleasant location on the main road (at the turnoff to Campement Emanaye).
African in Dakar

Chez Loutcha

This friendly, always overflowing place serves up huge Senegalese and Cabo Verdean plates to its loyal followers – note that it gets packed at lunch.