Top Choice Seafood in Dakar

Cabane des Pêcheurs

Dakar's best fish restaurant serves you absolutely fresh treats, such as amberjack and dolphinfish, that you'll find hardly anywhere else in the city.
Top Choice African in Saint-Louis

Chez Agnes

In this pretty, tree-lined patio-restaurant, lovely Agnes serves portions of Senegalese rice and sauce that are so generous the word generosity itself ought to be redefined.
Top Choice International in Dakar

Le Cozy

Waltz through Le Cozy's heavy wooden doors and you're instantly swept off the market streets into a temple of refined cuisine. Presentation and service are as perfect as the swanky restaurant and bar spaces and in …
Fast Food in Dakar

Ali Baba Snack Bar

Dakar's classic fast-food haunt keeps turning thanks to the undying love of the Senegalese. Serves the whole fast-food range: kebabs, shwarmas and other quick snacks.
African in Dakar

Chez Loutcha

A restaurant like a bus stop, this always overflowing place serves up huge Senegalese and Cape Verdean plates to its loyal followers – note that it gets rammed at lunch.
African in Dakar

Le Toukouleur

It's all about tasteful African chic in this mud-red painted, patio-adorned restaurant with an airy feel and an open kitchen, so you can watch the chefs prepare a refined mix of international flavours.
Senegalese in Dakar

Point d'Interrogation

This small eatery sells filling and seriously scrumptious local dishes for reasonable prices. Its thiebouthienne (rice cooked in a thick tomato sauce and served with fried fish and vegetables) is divine.
African in Saint-Louis

Pointe Nord

This laughter-filled greasy spoon is Saint-Louis' best place for grilled fish served Côoe d'Ivoire–style, with athieke (cassava couscous) and aloko (fried plantains).
African in Ziguinchor

Le Erobon

This humble outdoor eatery is highly recommended. You can come here any time of day for grilled fish, carefully spiced and served with a sea view. The ambience is wonderfully relaxed.
African in Ziguinchor

Le Kassa

It's proven itself for years, this patio-pretty place on the Ziguinchor roundabout. The kitchen stays open late and there's live music on weekends.