Senegal in detail

Senegal is known for


Arts & Culture

  • Village des Arts See Senegalese artists in action at this creative landmark in Dakar.
  • Saint-Louis World Heritage site with colourful architecture and vibrant craft traditions.
  • Île de Gorée History-laden island renowned for its artisans.
  • Toubab Dialaw Bohemian coastal village of drumming, dancing and batik-making.


  • Île de N'Gor Beach-dotted island with great surfing just offshore of Dakar.
  • Saly Resorts flanked by the picturesque beaches of the Petite Côte.
  • Palmarin Long stretches of empty, sparkling sands.
  • Cap Skirring The coastal jewel of Casamance, with some of Senegal's loveliest beaches.


  • Lac Rose Dazzling pink lake ringed by glittering white salt mounds.
  • Fadiout Tiny island where the village lanes (and even some houses) are made of shells.
  • Mar Lodj Slow-paced village charm with waterfront views and access to the Siné-Saloum Delta.
  • Île de Karabane Idyllic island tucked away in the lush landscape of the Casamance.