Top things to do in Oussouye

Museum in Oussouye

Mlomp Musée de la Tradition Diola

Set amid towering kapok trees on the main road between Oussouye and Elinkine, this striking case à impluvium houses an exhibition dedicated to Diola culture. A guide on hand can explain some of the rustic, crafted o…
Sports in Oussouye

Fête du Roi

One of the big events of the Casamance calendar features a night of wrestling matches held in September in the village of Oussouye.
Arts & Crafts in Oussouye

Case Artisanale Villageoise d'Oussouye

Near the centre of the village, this welcoming place sells a small selection of locally made crafts, including dolls, paintings, pottery (made in Edioungou) and a few drums
African in Oussouye


Serves up tasty Senegalese dishes with a smile from a pleasant location on the main road (at the turnoff to Campement Emanaye).