West African franc (CFA)

French, Wolof, Malinke, Pulaar (Fulfulde), Diola & 30+ other languages


Travel Agency in Saint-Louis

Sahel Découverte

Quite simply the best company for exploring the northern region. Among other offerings, it books six-day Senegal River cruises on the Bou El Mogdad.

Tourist Information in Ziguinchor

Office de Tourisme

In the town centre is one of the best-informed tourism offices in the country. Staff can help arrange village and birdwatching tours and other excursions (even one- or two-week guided trips).

Travel Agency in Ziguinchor

Diambone Voyages

One of the few companies that can do ferry bookings (Dakar–Ziguinchor) from overseas (for a fee of €10). Also offers flight bookings, tours, car hire and more.